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The    Athens    International    Festival    of    Artistic    Photography®, organized    since    1999    by    the    Hellenic    Photographic    Society, usually   in   May   of   each   year,   embraces   the   photographers   and contributes   decisively   to   the   promotion   of   artistic   photography   in our    country.    It    has    been    established    in    Greece    as    the    top meeting   in   the   field   of   photography   and   enables   both   prominent photographers     and     new     creators     to     present     remarkable photographic   quests.   Along   with   the   exhibitions   program,   the festival's   activities   are   enriched   by   remarkable   speakers   from Greece     and     abroad     participating     in     round     tables     about photography   or   presenting   lectures   on   specific   themes   such   as “Pictorial   Photography”   or   “Miniature   in   Photography”   but   also on   specialized   subjects   such   as   “Food”,   “Genius   Loci”,   “Face- Mask”,    thus    covering    a    full    range    around    the    history    of photography and the peculiarities in its modern tendencies.