PATRONAGE FOR CONTESTS Following     international     institutions     standards,     HPS     awards     its patronage   for   competitions   or   circuits   organized   by   third   parties   in Greece or abroad, under the following terms and conditions. All   national   and   international   competitions   under   HPS   patronage   are considered    and    included    in    the    final    score    for    the    HPS    artistic distinctions. Candidates   for   HPS   patronage   should   duly   complete   and   submit   the following application form. Along   with   the   patronage,   a   set   of   gold,   silver   and   bronze   medal together   with   three   honourable   mentions   are   given   to   the   applicant. A special   plaquette   for   the   best   author,   pins   and   figurines   of   Apollo, Venus and Mercury in a wooden box with logo are also available.
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Application form
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